A message from Head Brewer Andrew Castner on Crafted Mash Vol. 1

Hello MashCraft Friends –

In our due diligence, we have found that a small percentage of bottles of MashCraft’s Crafted Mash Vol. 1 aren’t up to our high standards. While most of the bottles are aging as expected, a random portion of them have shown an unwanted acidic character due to a post-fermentation infection. We are in the process of identifying the source of the problem before we consider doing our once-a-year bottling of Crafted Mash again next June for our 2nd Anniversary. The problematic bottles seem to be a very low percentage, but in order to reiterate our emphasis on putting an extremely high-quality product in front of you, we will be offering MashCraft gift card refunds for you to use on pints, growlers, or bullets of our current tap offerings. We will be refunding the full retail price per each unopened bottle returned.

As we have continued to preach since our opening, we are only interested in putting great beer in your glass. I personally consider the role of Quality Control as my most important job here at MashCraft Brewing, and I strive to ensure that every pint, bottle, and growler of MashCraft that you open will be a momentous experience. I guarantee that our entire team will continue to work towards creating that outcome.

Thanks for helping to build MashCraft now and into the future, and here is to your next pint being a great one. Cheers!

Andrew Castner
Head Brewer
MashCraft Brewing